Wonderful review by Ruth Hoberman in the Mom Egg Review!

Many thanks to Ruth Hoberman and Mom Egg Review Group for this wonderful review of “Notes from the Column of Memory.” “Reclaiming of fragmented memories” really encapsulates the theme of my book, and I love Ruth’s insight about the crown of sonnets as “suggesting the way life repeats itself through memory and regression.” So often I write without understanding what the work is doing, and then someone articulates the match between form and content and appreciates it–so gratifying!

Interview with Frances Donovan

Many thanks to my friend Frances Donovan for this new review on her website, GARDENOFWORDS.COM. We trained together for poet in residence certification a while back and sat together at Barbara Helfgott Hyett’s workshop table. I admire her poems and her sharp and curious mind.

It’s Never Too Late: A Conversation with Wendy Drexler, Author of Notes from the Column of Memory

I’m honored to have been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

Terrapin Books has nominated my crown of sonnets, “Burial of a Woman with the Blackened Shells of 86 Tortoises,” and SWWIM has nominated my poem “Apology to My Ovaries.” My thanks to Diane Lockward at Terrapin Books and to the editors of SWWIM. Both poems come from Notes from the Column of Memory.

Review of Notes from the Column of Memory by Peter Bates in the South Florida Poetry Journal

My thanks to Peter Bates for his review.

A Review of Notes from the Column of Memory in the Atticus Review

In Jacob Butlett’s wonderful review of my new book in the Atticus Review, he writes, “Readers will love Drexler’s polished craft choices,” and “Everyone should read Notes from the Column of Memory, especially those who appreciate poems with sensory-filled images and dramatic, personal pathos.” It’s gratifying when a reader gleans a truth a poem holds, one that I would not have been able to articulate: “Drexler ends the book on a remarkable note, indirectly inviting readers  . . . not to discount sorrow, a feeling that can precede personal growth.” Yes, and thanks to Jacob Butlett for extending this poem’s insight in a beautiful way.

Unboxing of My New Book

My first box of books has arrived! Please enjoy the unboxing of my new book, Notes from the Column of Memory, now available for pre-order from Terrapin Books, Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes and Noble.

Interview with Doug Holder

Doug interviewed me with some intriguing questions about my new book, Notes from the Column of Memory. Read the interview here

Message to Yourself as a Younger Artist

Mass Cultural Council poses the question: If you could deliver one message to yourself as a younger artist, what would it be? Read my answer here

Poem Featured on Verse Daily

My sonnet crown, “Burial of a Woman with the Blackened Shells of 86 Tortoises,” was featured on Verse Daily on March 26, 2022

“What’s to Be Is Already Written” Reception Video

Video of my prize-winning ekphrastic poem, “What’s to Be Is Already Written,” inspired by the photo “Fading Memories” by Suzette Dushi, at the closing reception of the Griffin Museum of Photography’s exhibit entitled “Once Upon a Time: Photographs that Inspire Tall Tales,” which was held at the museum’s satellite gallery at Lafayette City Center, Boston, March 6, 2022.