Poem Published: “Types of Animals”

I’ve just had a poem published in the magazine pangyrus. Here is its opening, and a link to the entire poem.

Types of Animals

after Borges

some by branching   by bivalve   by colony   by loping   by leaping
some disguised in waiting   in watching   by blending in motion
some in color   in welcome   whose wealth   was seductions

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Video of Poem: “The Galapagos Tortoise”

Here’s a video of me reading my poem “The Galapagos Tortoise,” which was published in the 2020 issue of RHINO.  I made the video in response to a call from RHINO: they had to cancel their release party because of the coronavirus and asked contributors to participate in a virtual launch. I’m joined by one of the giant tortoises from the island of St. Croix.


Poem Published: “and i say yes to the way the grass”

I’m sharing a new poem that is now posted on Solstice’s website as part of the celebration of National Poetry Month. My bio there is ancient but the poem is recent. Wishing all of you wellness and wholeness.

During this time of isolation, I’ve become more aware of how the creatures of the earth are interconnected and how we are connected to them. Using the repeated phrase “And I say yes . . .”  enables the language of affirmation to pour through.

and i say yes to the way the grass

needs the soil and the soil needs the grass,
the way the candle needs the wick
and the wick needs the candle. Yes
to the way the lion and the buck need

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Banned Blackout Poetry Now Live on Soofa Kiosks around Boston

My blackout poem “To Raid the Necessary” (designed in collaboration with fiber artist Jodi Colella), is based on Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and is one of six winning posters chosen by Mass Poetry. All six poems are now on display at Soofa Kiosks. The posters were initially to be displayed on the MBTA but this agency determined the poems were too political. Altering historical documents by blacking out parts of the text creates a resonance between the original document and newfound material that reflects on poetry and democracy.

Check out the link to view my poem and more about this project: https: //mailchi.mp/67268708b1d3/revision-a-collection-of-blackout-poetry-now-live-in-boston?e=2a247af769

Plein Air Poetry and Sculpture Walk at Old Frog Pond Farm, Sept. 15, 2-5 pm, Harvard, MA

You’re invited to walk with poets (including me) to the sculptures that inspired our poems and listen to us read them. I think you’ll enjoy seeing the sculptures along the trails of this beautiful place (pond, trails, woods, with quite wonderful sculptures installed along the paths). For more information and directions to the farm, click here: